Free Key Fob Programming Instructions

Free Key Fob Programming Instructions!

Most vehicles are equipped with an onboard programming procedure that allows the owner to program key fobs themselves. Think of it as Do It Yourself programming. (only unlike that cool DIY Pinterest project you found, it's actually EASY!)

We provide FREE programming instructions for all remotes that have the capability to be self programmed. These instructions can be found in the item specifics section for the product that you purchased. We even include a handy button that allows you to print the programming instructions or save them to your mobile device so you can have them on hand once you receive your key fob and you're ready to program it.
  • It's worth mentioning that some vehicles do require that you already have one or two existing key fobs in order for you to be able to program another one yourself. We don't like surprises that end up costing us money and we're sure that you don't either so if this is the case for your vehicle we have provided that information in the programming instructions for the item.
  • Please note that some vehicles simply were not built with a DIY programming procedure that allows the owner to program their key fob on their own. If this is the case for your vehicle, we have provided that information in the Item Specifics for the key fob for your vehicle. In these instances the vehicle must go to either a dealership, automotive locksmith, or mechanic to be programmed using specialized equipment. Programming fees do vary from place to place so to save a few extra dollars we recommend calling around and getting some quotes. Typically you will find a locksmith in your area who charges considerably less than the dealership.
Can't find your programming instructions? Need assistance with programming your new key fob? Curious what the weather is like today in Omaha, Nebraska?

Give us a call or shoot us an email! Our Customer Care Reps are the best in the industry and are happy to help!