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Chevrolet Avalanche 1500
The Chevrolet Avalanche was introduced by GM in 2001 and received the 2002 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award. The Avalanche features a removable rear window and a mid-gate that can be folded down to extend the carrying capacity in the bed of the truck. When folded up, the mid-gate acts as the back of the cab which houses a full second row of fold away seats. This modular design was the crux of the original marketing campaign for the Chevy Avalanche as it was sold as being able to change from a truck to an SUV. The Chevrolet Avalanche also featured two additional storage compartments hidden behind the rear wheel wells which were also usable as self-draining ice chests.

All trim levels for the Chevy Avalanche were well equipped and all of them came with a factory issued keyless entry system. The Chevrolet Avalanche LS came equipped with a key fob that could remotely lock and unlock the vehicle doors as well as set off a panic alarm. Higher Trim levels (including the Chevy Avalanche LT and the Chevy Avalanche LTZ) also featured keyless entry systems that included a remote start feature.